SUAOKI Launches 500Wh Ultimate Portable Power Station on Indiegogo

SUAOKI, a socially conscious consumer product company, has announced an ultimate portable power station – G500. It’s powerful enough to charge almost any portable electronics from MacBooks or smartphones, and it even can power small appliances like mini fridge and projector off the grid. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign gives early supporters priority access to the first SUAOKI G500 models.


G500 is developed for campers, RV’ers, sailing enthusiasts and other outdoor lovers. Of course it is also a perfect backup power source when power outage happens, thanks to its 500Wh/137,700mAh battery capacity. Unlike normal power banks on the market which are smaller, less powerful and only suitable for mobile devices, G500 is much more versatile with its USB/AC/DC outlets and mega capacity. The unit is actually a substitute for gasoline generator without the noise, fumes and gasoline. It also can be a solar-generated power solution when combined with an external solar panel.

One of the biggest advantages is that there are 3 ways to charge G500:

The Sun 
The G500 is entirely solar-chargeable. Combined with a solar panel, the unit can be a portable solar generator. G500 has a built-in MPPT controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology) which helps increase the solar charging speed as much as possible. When there is a major power outage like what happened in Puerto Rico last year, the solar charging feature can be extremely practical.

The G500 can be recharged from a regular wall outlet in about 8-10 hours. This is apparently the best way to charge G500 when wall outlets are available.

Although this is a feasible way to charge G500, 12V adapter can not fully charge it, only 24V adapter can. Think of it as a complementary way of charging.

The unit features pure sine wave AC output, making it ideal for CPAP machine users who’d like to go camping every now and then. It can be of great help if a local band concert needs to be held on the beach, because pure sine wave generates less electrical noise in audio equipment and brings more pleasant music.

As to mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, G500 provides 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port. All 3 ports support QC3.0 quick charge.

Safety is important when it comes to using electronics. The battery management system (BMS) of G500 allows it to perform more smartly and safely. It has a built-in cooling fan to control the temperature and an automatic shutdown mechanism when any component heats up too much. More details on the campaign can be found on its Indiegogo site.

In general, G500 is a powerful, portable, compact power station that is quite qualified as a solution to daily or emergency power demands.

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Suaoki – An Overlooked Force in China’s Rise

Chinese companies have been known as copycat for quite a while. The Chinese call this phenomenon “shanzhai”, an Internet slang that roughly means “mass-produced knock-offs”, or simply put, “copycat”. In June 2016, Alibaba founder Jack Ma made remarks on counterfeiting problem in China, “The problem is that the fake goods today, they make better quality, better prices than the real deal.” This comment led to an interesting question – How is it possible that copycats are better than the original?

The “Copycat” Phenomenon

In retrospect, history has taught us that copying is often a shortcut to the road of industrialization. In the early Meiji Era (1869-1912), the impression of Japan as “a nation of copycats” was formed in the eyes of the West. Japanese copied almost everything from the West, from technology to constitutional monarchy, a new modern empire was standing up quickly in the process. After World War II, Japan went through a similar story yet again during the 60s to 80s. They started copying market-proven products mainly from the US and Germany. It may sound surprising, but in fact, cars, cameras, watches, motorcycles, weapons, all have been copied in Japan back in the day. Today, Japan ranks No.8 for most innovative countries in the world.

If you read history carefully you will see this isn’t an isolated incident. Not just Japan, even the US was once a copycat of Europe back in the 19th century. The copycat phenomenon seems unavoidable in a nation’s development. The Chinese today are as determined as 19th-century Americans were to pursue higher economic status, and like early Americans, will copy and learn all the technology they can.

To be fair, it’s simply against human nature to reinvent the wheel. The whole modern civilization is based on the legacy of the pioneers. If every country has to reinvent everything, we wouldn’t have had a modern world at all. However, if a nation is nothing but a copycat, it will be doomed to fail in international economic competition. Being a copycat should only be a temporary strategy when a country is backward in technology. As you can see, China’s copycat image is fading through years of solid research and development. An innovation ecosystem in China starts kicking off.

Small Companies Took Off

Besides successful companies like Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, and DJI, which you may be well aware of already, small companies in China are playing a significant role as well. And they are actually the mainstay of China’s economic growth. They may not have such influence as big companies, but they keep beating their rivals in many particular niches. Yes, there are cheap and poor quality products from Chinese companies, but things are getting better. A startup called Suaoki is a typical example of the evolvement of China’s small companies.

Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen – the Silicon Valley of Hardware, Suaoki has become a successful business by selling products on Amazon and various other e-commerce platforms. It first took off by manufacturing jump starters for vehicles, soon it switched to making multiple products lines thanks to the full supply chain in Shenzhen and the booming overseas market. The portable power supply is one of their most important product lines now. The company noticed that the consumer electronics (CE) industry is skyrocketing all around the world, and took the chance to provide portable power supplies that are suitable for mobile devices and even for drones.


Shenzhen – the Silicon Valley of Hardware      Open Source Hardware

Instead of building a brand new production line which would take years and a large amount of money, the company decided to sign contracts with local manufacturers in Shenzhen to design and make the new products. These contractors would then seek for smaller subcontractors to help fill orders. The components provided by subcontractors are often made publicly available so that anyone can study, modify, redesign, distribute. Some might call it “open-source hardware”, because it works like the open-source software where people produce blocks for different products, and then put the building blocks together quickly. In comparison to the hardware development in most Western companies, where before any product can be made there are a series of non-disclosure agreements, IP protection and other legal issues to be dealt with, the outsourcing system and open source hardware culture in Shenzhen significantly speeds up the process of developing and prototyping products. It’s not just faster, also much cheaper for small companies to expand in this business environment.

Suaoki launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2017. It took the company about 6 months from prototype development to mass products. Here in Shenzhen, turning a prototype into a commercial success is much more feasible than other places in the world. Considering government policies, business environment, and a full supply chain, Shenzhen is probably the best place for innovation startups. Makers, designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and shippers have built a hardware ecosystem together in this city where creating is only constrained by one’s imagination, and Suaoki is located at the epicenter of it.


Nanshan District, Shenzhen – this is where Suaoki located

Another great advantage of a full supply chain is that a manufacturer can improve and upgrade their products much faster. Suaoki has been doing this ever since it’s founded. The company gets lots of feedback every single day from customers, and their analysts and engineers will take the information into consideration so they can upgrade their products. There might not be as many unprecedented ideas in their products, but through continuous micro-innovations, their products start standing out in their field. One small company may not be a big deal, but tens of thousands of Chinese small companies together will be a disruptive force in the international market, hitting hard on every profitable niche.

Now Suaoki is working on a 500Wh large capacity portable power station called G500, which is also aimed at the portable power supply market. It’s still at an experimental stage, but we shall see it soon. With Chinese small tech firms expanding faster than ever beyond their domestic market, it’s time for their rivals all around the world to be vigilant.

How To Make your Smartphone Battery Last Forever – Awesome Video By YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss

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What videos to see this week for tech geeks? Well, hope you didn’t miss this one, Make your Smartphone Battery Last Forever – Suaoki Charger | 4K , by Mrwhosetheboss. So, what was it about? Take a look:

Suaoki 16/20 Watt Solar USB Charger

What’s the differences between Suaoki 16/20 watt Solar USB Charger and other solar panel chargers?

1. Sunpower panel, efficiency up to 25%.

How To Make your Smartphone Battery Last Forever - Awesome Video By YouTuber  Mrwhosetheboss

2. It’s featured in Suaoki TIR-C Technology, making charging process faster and safer.

How To Make your Smartphone Battery Last Forever - Awesome Video By YouTuber

3. Competitive price for the high quality.

How To Make your Smartphone Battery Last Forever - Awesome Video By YouTuber

4. 5-stars feedback on Amazon.

How To Make your Smartphone Battery Last Forever - Awesome Video By YouTuber

Get one for your smartphone on

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Suaoki 16W Solar Panel Charger High Efficency Dual-Port Portable Foldable Charger for iPhone ipad Samsung and Other Digital Devices (16W)

jeannie zelos product reviews

Suaoki 16W Solar Panel Charger High Efficency Dual-Port Portable Foldable Charger for iPhone ipad Samsung and Other Digital Devices (16W)
I love the idea of solar power, but though its growing its still got a way to go. I’d love solar roof panels but the cost….one day Winking smile

This charger seemed really useful, a way to charge tablets and phone while away from mains electricity, great for campsites, holidays on the beach or just a day away from home. It doesn’t store the electricity which is the only criticism I have – that would be really helpful.
It comes well packaged, and is ready to use. It’s comprised of three solar panels which fold up into an A5 ish sized pack that has magnetic closures. That makes it easy to pop in a bag for taking with you when out and about. Its very lightweight too. It has four…

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【New 】Suaoki Solar Camping LED Multi-Bottle — Your best partner on the road

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Amazing Tent Lantern Suaoki LED Solar Drift Bottle

Ever imagine your solar LED lamp could also be a collapsible drift bottle, which not only saves energy but also saves your backpack space? We are here proud to introduce you our new Suaoki SP01, a small lantern provides multiple usage thanks to its nifty design the features.

At Glance:

  • Eco-friendly solar charging lamp: easy to charge on the go and save the energy for dark environment or emergency lighting.
  • Collapsible and light weight: takes less space in backpack, perfect for multiple outdoor activities e.g. camping, traveling, hiking, cycling, backpacking, water adventure, fishing, etc.
  • IPX6 Water resistant body: works perfectly as a drift storage bottle or LED mood light.
  • Built-in 1000mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of use in low-brightness mode, or 5 hours of use in high-brightness.
  • Three lighting modes including SOS flash light for any outdoor recreation and emergency.

Best LED Solar Drift Bottle Suaoki SP01

Suaoki Collapsible SP01 LED Drfit Bottle

great outdoor innovation Suaoki SP01

best LED Solar Drift Bottle Lighting

Suaoki SP01 LED Solar Drift Bottle

Renewable Energy Could Dominate Electricity Market by 2030 from IEA

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Renewable Energy Could Dominate Electricity Market by 2030 from IEA

Renewable energy will become the leading source of electricity in 15 years base on a report from IEA (International Energy Agency) this Monday.

“Renewables will become the leading source of electricity by 2030, as average annual investment in non-hydro renewables is 80 percent higher than levels seen since 2000,” the report said.

The report also predict that electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind could surpass coal, nuclear power, and natural gas as the world’s largest source of electricity within only 15 years.

So, are you ready to embrace the change?

Suaoki, as a consumer electronics company who is commit to provide our customer the best products and solutions, is always seeking the perfect combination of new technology and renewable energy source.

Check our newly launched products here:

Suaoki SP01 3-in-1 Handle Collapsible Led Solar and Rechargeable Drift Bottle

Suaoki SP02 LED Lantern USB & Solar Rechargeable Collapsible Light Mini Flashlight

Amazing Tent Lantern Suaoki LED Solar Drift Bottle

Suaoki SP02 LED Lantern USB & Solar Rechargeable Collapsible Light Mini Flashlight

Who are we — Suaoki

suaokiFollow us:    Ovonni Facebook  t_icon_banner_副本  PIN_icon_banner_副本   Youtube  INs_sns_icon_banner_副本

Suaoki as a socially conscious award-winning consumer products company, is committed to offer you most brilliant products and solutions available and accessible all over the world.

Most Suaoki products are eco-friendly,versatile, portable and affordable.So just join in us , we can not only make a contribution to our environment, but also saving your money.

We have a team of skillful supporting staffs behind the scene to assist us – from customer service to follow up and to providing technical support.Our team work starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction, and to maintain customer confidence in us, all of which we believe are to be of the helper.