About Suaoki

 About suaoki

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Suaoki as a socially conscious award-winning consumer products company, is committed to offer you most brilliant products and solutions available and accessible all over the world.

Most Suaoki products are eco-friendly,versatile, portable and affordable.So just join in us , we can not only make a contribution to our environment, but also saving your money.

We have a team of skillful supporting staffs behind the scene to assist us – from customer service to follow up and to providing technical support.Our team work starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction, and to maintain customer confidence in us, all of which we believe are to be of the helper.



  1. I will be in China in March and would like to stop by and talk to your about your Solar Lanterns. Can you tell me your physical Address where I can visit you?


  2. Hey Suaoki!

    My name is Shaun Furlong. I’m the Canadian Rep for a German based company called Heimplanet (www.heimplanet.com). We specialize in weatherproof inflatable tents. This camping season, I will be doing a product feature on some of the best gear in the business and I was wondering if Eceen would be interested. The feature will take place on the Up North Co website and social media pages when they re-launch their website for the summer season!
    I was recently on CBC (Marina Orsini Show) featuring ‘The Cave’ tent from Heimplanet (attached image) and some smaller products that were donated to me and I’m hoping to return to the show again next year to feature the best products of 2018. My plan is to successfully complete an 85KM portaging trip through Algonquin Park over 5 days followed by a 7 day fishing trip at a cabin of mine in the wilderness of northern Ontario. The entire trip will be done solo so I will be relying heavily on the equipment accompanying me and I will also review each product individually. So far, Heimplanet has donated a a tent and a dry-bag, Leatherman has donated a multi-tool and MSR with a ‘pocket-rocket’ stove. I will return all products upon request for the ware and tear to be studied and improved upon. And of course, I will be focussing on the positive aspects of each product to get as much exposure for them as possible.
    I have reviewed many of your products and am thoroughly impressed! I would love to add you to the list of trust worthy companies that are on board with this project of mine. I will also be documenting the entire trip and will try to get as many photos and videos of each product as possible.

    If you have any questions or would like to get to know me more, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    – Shaun Furlong
    (519) 870-1355


  3. can I buy a replacement hose connector for my SUAOKI portable pressure shower spray washer power pump car jet hose spray gun UK. I appear to have broken the one that connects to the spray gun


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